Vonda’s Kitchen Secures Contract for Services at MetLife Stadium for Superbowl 2014

"I am proud to announce as a member of the NFL NJ/NY Super bowl Host Committee, that the following AACCNJ member organizations, have secured Contracts for Services at MetLife Stadium through Business Connect: MZM Construction, Sharpened Image, and Vonda's Kitchen. When the playing field is level, AACCNJ members know how to close the deal", stated John E. Harmon, Sr.
Vonda's Kitchen, the newest restaurant to open in Newark that has seemingly done the impossible - offer healthy, homemade comfort food, like macaroni and cheese and meatloaf, without compromising taste.  That's because restaurateur Vonda McPherson uses fresh and often times organic ingredients from local farms at her namesake eatery, which celebrated its grand opening Thursday.

"What we tried to do here is have a collective marketplace of food where you can have the southern traditions and the Spanish food that you're looking for," said McPherson, who was born in Newark. "However, we have great salads and vegetables; we're changing the way we're doing things."

"Vonda's Kitchen will be doing the tailgate party, and providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for an estimated 500 members of the International Broadcasters and staff for the week leading into the Super bowl and Super bowl Sunday.  This experience has been a positive one and I am so grateful for this opportunity",   stated Vonda McPherson,   Chef & Owner, Vonda's Kitchen.